Hangar 110's story.

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Open since 1998 the Hangar 110 Music & Culture has a goal to provide space for alternative underground scene from all over the world.

In the beginning showing just brazilian bands it didn┬┤t take long to become most important place in South America for historical tours bands like The Varukers, The Exploited,GBH,Voodoo Glow Skulls,The Queers,Marky Ramone,to mention just a few.

The Place: Hangar 110 is situated at the heart of Sao paulo next to a subway station,and it has capacity for 700 people indoors The Club has a flexible acceptance for a young audiences,people has a young as 14 allowed on premisses.

Hangar 110 Awards:

  • » Four years by Dynamite Magazine The Best Rock Club.
  • » Two years by www.punknetnet.com.br the best Alternative place.

The Owner: Seven years ago the club was a dream that became reality by Marco Badin.He was the vocalist from the extinct punk rock band called "Anarc├│latras"! So he knows about the difficulties faced by any new band in finding a place ith a decent infrastructure to play, so he created a project called "Skema 110".

HANGAR 110 is a special club in the hardcore punkrock world-wild scene, supporting and introducing new and estabilished bands to the brazilian crowds inspiring new ideas ,consciousness and music foar a better lifestyle and a better world.